Electric bicycles have been making their way through Bismarck as part of a clean energy initiative.
The two men riding the bikes plan to travel across the country to showcase the power of solar energy. The two are a dynamic duo that have been doing something most of wouldn’t imagine, riding their bikes for 53 days.

Sushil Reddy and Luis Fourzan are taking the term, “road trip,” quite literally. The project is the SunPedal Ride. Reddy came up with this idea to ride E-bikes across the country to raise awareness on solar energy, electric mobility, and healthy living. They’ve already covered 2,200 miles in 50 days.

“An E-bike is an assisted bike that gives assistance when riding it. The bikes are good bikes for people that are still starting to ride bikes and are not very confident or don’t have the endurance of a super athlete like us,” says Luis Fourzan, a clean energy professional.

The reason for the solar panels is to showcase the use of solar power to charge the bike battery. The amount of charge obtained from the panels depends on the amount of sunlight available. The bike’s motor is run and recharged by the sun. On a sunny day, the bike will go an extra 40 miles. Unlike a regular bike, an E-bike offers two modes of riding; pedal assistance and throttle.

“If you cover 100 miles in a day, the amount of physical effort is only 20 miles. The rest is covered by the motor,” says Sushil Reddy, a clean energy professional.

Fourzan says that solar power could be used far more often for household energy in the future. They are collecting data on how the states they are traveling through are utilizing solar energy and stopping to teach people along the way.

“It’s one of the resources that we will have almost forever, we can harness it across the planet,” says Fourzan.

In 2018, Reddy held the Guinness World Record for “Longest Journey on a Motorized Bicycle” but this will be his longest trip, being more than 6,000 miles. They’re scheduled to ride for a total of 120 days.

“We started in North Carolina, then we went all the way to New York, then to Pittsburgh, Chicago, and we did stops in Minneapolis for a couple of days to rest,” says Fourzan.

Their next destinations are Montana, Idaho, and Washington States. They will end their ride in Houston, Texas.

“You’re not putting in that much physical effort in the end, you’re covering the distance, you’re having fun enjoying the ride and at the end of the day you have enough energy to do something else,” says Reddy.

These two are doing something that nobody would think was possible. Wish them a safe trip as they continue their journey.

To donate or learn more about the SunPedal Ride, visit here.