Cleanup after the North Dakota State Fair

After nine days of rides, food, and concerts, the Fair has come to an end.

“We were so lucky. We had great weather all nine days. Great attendance. Our country show pass was a hit, people had a lot of fun. And our Saturday shows were well-attended as well, so we’re really happy. We’ve had a great year.” said Beth Feldner, Marketing Director for NDSF

The hallways of the All Seasons Arena were filled with plants from Greenhouses around the state. Now, they’re all packed up into trucks to go back home.

“I think we’ve got somewhere around 150 plants around here. As you can see, these guys have a lot more than we do. So you’ve got a lot of schools coming in today, picking up -from around the State- picking up all their plants and projects.” said Larry Lueck, Beulah High School Ag Instructor.

The booths that held fair favorites like cheese curds, funnel cakes, and old fashioned root beer are getting cleaned up and ready for the next place.

“You have to clean everything, it’s been here for 9 days so there’s a lot to it. You know, a lot of cleaning stuff and then packing all the loose items away, so they don’t rattle and roll down the road.” said Jim Thomsen, Thomsen’s Rootbeer Owner.

The rides that once stood high above the fairgrounds, are now torn down to fit onto trailers destined for the next fair.

“Getting it all ready to go off, and head to the next place. We’re going to Vancouver, Washington. We’ll be setting up there, and that’s in about 3 to 4 days from now. We got to get there and set it up. It takes about a day to tear it -set it up, and a day to take it down.” said Rob Peterson, ‘Slingshot’ Crew Member.

The end is always bittersweet. Soon, this will be just another empty parking lot, and all evidence of the fair will be erased. But we can still look forward to next year.

“We already start kind of planning. We’re thinking about Grandstand entertainment, you know, things that maybe could have gone better, and how we can change them to go better for next year, and just making sure that we’re all lined up and ready to go.” said Beth Feldner, Marketing Director for NDSF.

Before you know it, the Fair will be back and we’ll see you there.

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