Cloud Seeding And How It Affects Incoming Storms


Last night, rain was traveling through central North Dakota.

As the rain approached Ward County — the clouds fizzled out next to none rainfall dropped on the ground.

Ward County is one of seven counties that do cloud seeding, which is supposed to supress hail, but one local farmer has different thoughts.

Alexus Arthur reports.

“You watch the planes seed, you will see storms weaken.” said Roger Neshem, Ward County Farmer.

Roger Neshem is a farmer in Ward County who pays tax money for the cloud seeding service.

“Ward County has been in the weather modification project for an excess of 38 years I believe it is. We have always been sold the program on lower hail rates, increased rainfall.” said Neshem.

(Darin Langerud) “We’re using airplanes to put little tiny microscopic particles in the clouds to help make ice in the clouds a little bit sooner than they would naturally.” said Darin Langerud, North Dakota Cloud Modification Project Director.

Neshmen believes that it’s clashing with mother nature.

“The weather in Ward County has been manipulated for over 38 years. We don’t know what normal is anymore.” said Neshem.

He sees the storms coming towards Ward County, the cloud seeders flying, and then storm minimizes as it approaches the area.

“When they seed the cloud, it dissipates, they blame the dissipation on natural factors. Well, then why were they up there spending the tax payer money if the natural factors dissipated that cloud? Mother nature does it for free.” said Neshem.

According to the project director Darin Langerud, cloud seeding has shown results.

“The evaluations that we have of the program in North Dakota is that it increases rainfall up to maybe 10% maybe in that 5-10% range is typical and actually seeding of the storms increases the rainfall slightly down wind as well.” said Langerud.

Neshem continuously is wondering what would happen if there wasn’t cloud seeding.

“There’s no way to know for sure because we don’t know what would’ve happened.” said Neshem.

Would the storms of rolled through?

“Convince me this is working.” said Neshem.

“I don’t think cloud seeding has anything to do with storms fizzling and dying.” sajd Langerud.

“You have 38 years of seeding on record and if you want to have true scientific experiment, let’s do 38 years without it.” sad Neshem.

ALEXUS: Neshem doesn’t see any inclination to try a new scientific experiment soon. In Ward County, Alexus Arthur, KX News.

Neshem along with other farmers will attend tomorrow’s county commission meeting to further discuss cloud seeding.


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