Cold one day — hot the next…that’s September


Cold one day — hot the next…that’s September for you.

We stepped outside to see what you thought about the swing in temperatures. 

The grass will stop growing and soon enough the leaves on the trees will start to fall, because the temperatures are changing. 

Lauren Skarsgard, Bismarck Resident, says, “It’s okay, we just have lots of clothes, and we layer as much as we can.”

Lauren and Bayla Skarsgard are on the playground, enjoying the rest of summer, but the cooler nights mean dressing in layers is a must. 

Skarsgard says, “We had coats on this morning and then we shed them off.”

For Bayla, it means in the fall weather she can wear her cowboy boots


“And she’s off.”

Off to play that is, but not everyone has time go down the slide.
With a few months left in the construction season, Donovan Schulz, says this is just normal weather in North Dakota.

Donovan Schulz, Bismarck Resident, “It’s just the way it has always been here, what I’ve been used to.”

And layers aren’t an option for him.

“It’s still shorts weather,” says Schulz.

“The first day of Fall is this Friday and as Fall approaches the temperatures are going to start varying between the morning hours and day.”

Skarsgard says, “The jet stream is starting to move a little bit further south so you start seeing these new air masses coming through.”

North Dakota is also in the center of the United States so this puts us in prime location of temperature swings. 

 “We’re not as regulated by the oceans say on the west and east coast, so the temperatures swings are so much more likelier here,” says Skarsgard.

Skarsgard says, “I’d rather have a more consistent temperature, but you know, it’s not terrible.”

Average lows right now are in the lower to mid 40s, but it is not unusual to have lows dip down into the 30s at night.
We are also losing 3-4 minutes a day in sunlight. 

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