College Assignment Becomes Project To Help School Kids

Local college students tasked with creating a project to help others, have turned that assignment into a charity that is taking root in a Minot elementary school.
And, as Jim Olson reports, it’s poised to expand to other schools too.

When the local Community Leadership Institute presented a big check and hundreds of personal items to the newly-formed Essentials For Learning project this week, the college students who started the charity were floored.

(Aaron Richard, MSU Senior) “We were blown away yesterday with how much stuff they were able to collect and it was over $5,000 that they donated to our project so we have much more going forward to make the project much bigger.”

Aaron Richard and other school of business students at MSU started Essentials for Learning as a class project to make an impact in the community. It’s designed to provide personal items to kids in need. They chose McKinley School to start – with teacher Robbi Jo Morgan helping to make it happen.

(Robbi Jo Morgan, McKinley School 5th Grade Teacher) “It means a lot.”

There’s a storage room stocked with items – and even gift bags 

(Robbi Jo Morgan, McKinley School 5th Grade Teacher) “The kids that have filled out the form, we know what kinds of things they need and want, then we fill a bag and it’s discreetly put in their locker and they can take it home.”

Morgan says it’s a great partner to the Backpack Buddies, and food programs that reach out to those who need help.

(Robbi Jo Morgan, McKinley School 5th Grade Teacher) “It’s just that missing piece. It’s the missing piece and now we can help with the food, we can help with the essentials to learning, and really make school a focus and not worrying about hungry tummies, or if my clothes are dirty, and things like that.”
(Alexa Tate, MSU Senior) “Our goal at the start was not to become too ambitious and start with McKinley, and now we feel confident we can expand to other elementary schools and maybe the junior and high school.”

And it all started as a simple class assignment. Jim Olson, KX News.

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