College Professor & Students Make Predictions For Future Elections

Its easy to look at last night’s election results and see that North Dakota remains a red state that we like familiar faces.

A state and local government college class broke down the election and is predicting that votes could look different in the future.

“We tend to vote for incumbents in our state. That’s why we saw a lot of red,” said Dr. Jynette Larshus, Political Science Coordinator & Associate Professor of Sociology.

North Dakota is known for being a red state but this class has theories of why it could change for the future. I joined in on the discussion and found out that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the results.

“Until 2010, North Dakota was not a party line voting state. 2010 that shifted. I think that’s shifting back,” said Larshus.

Larshus is suggesting that because if you take a closer look at the numbers, Democrat voter turnout is higher than it’s been in years past. Even though the Democrats didn’t win, Larshus says that it shows a chance for change.

“I’m disappointed about our Senate race but I’m hopeful for the future because the Democrats did get a big swift in the votes,” said Darby Ness, MSU Student.

“Eventually I think that we will become more of a moderate, independent state,” said Cambree Smith, MSU Sophomore.

Larshus emphasized that the country is moving in a new direction. For example, women and millennials had record high voter turnout nationally. She says that wasn’t the case in North Dakota but she anticipates that we are headed in that direction and that could make a difference.

“There’s been a big movement across the nation,” said Smith.

“For good or ill the President of the United States motivates people,” said Larshus.

Students also discussed the races that surprised them.

The most common answer was the Measures especially one and three and the Secretary of States race.

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