College Save Plan Awards Scholarships

Are you saving for your child’s college education?
Eleven kids around the state have received a head start thanks to the Bank of North Dakota and local libraries.

The Bank’s “College Save” director presented three-year-old Isabella Hand for a check that’s larger than she is.
It’s for $529 to establish her own “College Save” 529 plan, named for the IRS code that set up the tax-free program to help families save for higher education costs.

The Bank partnered with 44 libraries in the state during their summer reading programs.

(James Barnhardt, College Savings Plan Director) “Starting kids reading at the earliest stage in life, just like saving for college at the earliest stage possible in life we feel is vital to the success of these kids.”
(Tabitha Hand, Mother of Winner) “She loves to read, She has her favorite books, of course. She loves butterflies. And it expands her knowledge. Every little bit counts.”

Barnhardt says the Bank of North Dakota committed more than $12,500 to the summer reading promotion this year.

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