Common Thanksgiving Injuries

With all the cooking and drinking, Thanksgiving can land people in the hospital.

Some of the most common injuries are burns but they can be as bad as heart conditions with all the holiday stress. We spoke with a doctor at Mid Dakota Clinic about what he sees most often. Doctor Leingang told us many times he sees elderly patients come in after a fall. And even though the weather isn’t in the negatives it can still do damage.

Dr. Gordy Leingang: “Frostbite, it tends to be more common when it is a tad bit warmer because people tend to push the envelope just a little more. And when its wet too, so the combination of cool temperature and wetness is a harbinger for frost bite. Particularly those who have wondered too far from the warmth, as in hunting.”

Doctor Leingang also said with hunting season.. he sees lots of injuries from trees stand falls to even gun shot wounds.

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