Community comes together for one of its own with a medical benefit

 Bowman County resident, Marisa Humbracht, was diagnosed with heart failure in 2016.
“It wears me out. I have limited exercise. I am tired often, ” said Humbracht.
She found out when she went to get checked out during a routine doctor’s visit at Southwest Healthcare Services in Bowman.
“I thought I had a cold . . . I just had a cough,” said Humbracht.
At just forty-one years of age she had to leave a job that she loved.
“I worked at Bronson’s Marketplace. I was the human resource director.”
She has also had to take out three loans to cover tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and expenses that her health insurance can’t cover. 
“Nine hospital stays. I did a life flight to Minnesota. I have had six ambulance rides to Bismarck, ” said Humbracht.
The mother of four says the stress is a lot to handle
“It’s really stressful and frustrating. I worry about my kids”.
Chris Peterson, who is a Nurse Practitioner at Southwest Healthcare Services, said stress is something that someone with a heart problem wants to keep at a “minimum”.
To help her out a couple of Humbracht’s close friends recently held a medical benefit this past weekend in Bowman.
“The first time I heard about the medical expenses was when we were in the ER earlier this year,” said Lori Sola.
Debbie Peterson, who is another one of Humbracht’s friends, said ” My heart just went out her being such a young mother. “
Humbracht was surprised by the communities generosity and her friends’ thoughtfulness.
“For me? Are we sure we are at this point? And they reassured me we are at this point. For that I was grateful”.
More than 300 people attended the benefit, and it raised about $12,000, but donations are still coming in.
Humbract is currently working about four hours a week at the Rouzie Recreation Center, and she said that her heart  condition is something she will have to monitor for the rest of her life.
She will be traveling to Fargo in June for yet – another surgery, and her friends and community are hoping and praying for the best.

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