Two school buses were loaded with supplies for the 26th year in a row for the annual Fill the Bus school supply drive. Paula Redmann said it has been years since she went back to school shopping for her own kids because they’re all adults now, but she doesn’t mind shopping for other kids.

“Our kids need all the tools that they can to be successful in the classroom. Anything that people can do that families don’t have to worry about those kinds of things so they can concentrate on bigger things for the kids,” Redmann said.

Redmann along with others in the community generously pulled into the North and South Red-Carpet Car Wash locations in Bismarck with trunks full of school supplies.

“We’ve really seen a strong need for backpacks, they’re more expensive items. It might be a little bit more challenging for families to gather up the funds to get those,” Bismarck Public Schools Director of Community Relations Steve Koontz said.

Redmann donated notebooks, crayons, pens, glue, markers, and even some folders.

“I just help with filling the bus so I can help other kids pay it forward,” Redmann said.

Now, buses will make their departure to have all the items sorted and given out.

“They’re students from school in the area who are served by this program. Any school around here, you can bet they’re students here who are getting help from this program,” Koontz said.

The supplies were unloaded by Bismarck High School football players and Demonettes.