Community side of police work

“We’ve always found that the best crime to respond to is the one that doesn’t occur and the way we do that is we engage more with the community,” said senior patrol officer Aaron Moss with the Minot Police Department.

That’s why the Minot Police Department makes sure to show themselves around town. 

“We’re excited to show that we are as part of this community as any other part and hope to solve problems with a team approach,” said Moss.

Nathalie Gomez reporting: “The Minot police department crime prevention unit attends various events throughout the community –stuff like coffee with a cop, national night out and even guest lecture at Minot State University”. 

 “We’re thrilled that our community is reaching out to us not just us begging to be seen in the community,” said Moss.

Minot residents think this is an important procedure on the police departments part.

‘I think that the police department has limited resources and if we can include all of the citizens in the community to look out for each other that really multiplies the crime prevention within the community,” said Minot resident Chuck Barney.

others think it’s just nice to know who to trust. 

“It’s always nice to know like who’s keeping you safe and just seeing their faces and knowing who can trust or if you see them in public you could say hey I need your help or anything like that,” said Minot resident Rhyan Sawyer.

Moss says a community that trusts and believes in it’s police department just becomes more safe as a whole. 

“There’s almost an unprecedented level of transparency that our department has with the community and the trust that’s returned to us by that community can not be replaced,” said Moss.

Next time you see a police officer around town make sure to say hi, they really enjoy that.

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