Community Signs The Final Beam In the New Williston Airport Terminal


The new Williston Airport has been a project in the making for years.

Now, they’ve made big progress and want to share it with the community by having them put their names on the project.

“This is a building that’s going to be around for potentially centuries and we want to make sure the community is well involved,” said Anthony Dudas, Airport Director.

This beam is the last piece going into the new airport terminal but before it’s put in place for good – people are getting the chance to put their stamp on it.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to come, sign their name, and be part of history,” said Brom Lutz, Williston Resident.

The last beam also means a milestone for the project. The airport director says it’s been a lot of planning and construction but now the pieces are coming together.

“It’s starting to look like an airport,” said Dudas.

The new airport will be quite a bit larger. It’s going from 1 gate to 4, it will have a covered jetway, and the latest technology.

“It’s so exciting to see all these ideas that’s transpired since 2010 to become visible,” said Dudas.

The community sees it too and that’s why they want to be apart of it.

“They’ve been learning how to spell their names so they got to spell it today,” said Williston Resident.

“I have an unique name b-r-o-m so I just put that on there,” said Lutz.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, anyone can make their mark in history.

The beam going in now won’t be visible to the public but the airport will have a plaque on display of everyone who signed it.

The airport will open in October 2019.

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