Community talks about Measure 3

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Residents in Minot gathered tonight to talk about Measure 3.

The possibility of legalizing the use of recreational marijuana had people on both sides talking. 

The event was held at Minot State University with at least 70 people in attendance. 

Questions were addressed to a panel that consisted of David Owen who is the author of the measure and attorney Andrew Schultz. 

People who were against the measure argued that it will increase crime, and car fatalities.

Others for it said they wanted it to pass for medical reasons and tax revenue. 

We spoke to people on both sides.

“I just think it’s very dangerous at this point because there’s are we willing that it’s our family or us that are killed in that car accident,” said Joann Hawbaker who is against the measure. 

 “Two years ago in our state of North Dakota the voters by 66 percent to 34 percent approved medical marijuana for two years our legislators dragged their feet on it,” said Darius Enders who is for the measure.

 “I’m a productive member of society thanks to marijuana,” said Dustin Demetre Evanoff who is for the measure.

We have two weeks until we take it to the polls.

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