Computers for a Cause is doing more than just getting rid of your old electronics

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Most people tend to have old electronics, like computers and cell phones around their house.
The question is what do we do with these when they’re too old to use?

KX News is partnering with North Dakota E-Waste for Computers for a Cause where you get to donate those old computers, and the money gets donated back to those in our community.

You can drop old computers off today until 7 p.m. and then it continues Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The North Dakota E-Waste facility is located on 3007 Morrison Ave, one block south of Sam’s Club in Bismarck.

They are asking for all types of electronics including computers, laptops, speakers, and even cell phones and printers. They do however ask you not to donate any older CRT tube style monitors. North Dakota E-Waste will donate $5 for each computer brought in to the Backpack for Kids program .

Wachter Middle School has been involved with this project for a couple of years. The students have been collecting old computers from around their school all week. Their goal is to help these young men feel the power of giving back, along with practicing their communication skills.

Wachter Middle School Special Education teacher, Riley Riehl, shares what this event means not only to him but his students.

“The big thing for me as a teacher is it helps these kids learn a little empathy
and how to give back to the community. Its really big for our kids to understand that they might of been the kids that were getting backpacks at one time\and now they are able to give back and help these kids and spread the love throughout the community,” says Riehl.

Riehl says this event has impacted his students positively and will be an ongoing event for Wachter Middle School in the future.

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