Congress just made it legal for companies to access your search history


From every website you visit to whom you exchange emails with. Our information is being watched and used for advertisers and marketers, but there are different schools of thought if it’s harmful or helpful.

“Things like Hulu and Netflix, I mean, they put on commercials and they ask for your age and your gender so they can specifically target things they would like to sell to you. I guess as long as it’s not personally taking out of my pocket I’m more indifferent,” says Tessie Carter of Bismarck.

But Congress has made it clear that they will let our internet providers like Verizon or AT&T  have much more access.

In October, the FCC introduced a rule to protect our information.

Wednesday, the House voted 215-205 to reject the rule potentially allowing internet companies to profit from consumer information.

Supporters like North Dakota Senator Hoeven say that kind of protection would give unfair advantages to certain Internet providers, but Senator Heidi Heitkamp voted with her party, to protect the rule.

Her party didn’t win this one. The Obama-era rule has been canceled, giving Internet companies like Google permission to keep tracking what sites we visit.

Undoing the Obama administration’s FCC regulation leaves people’s online information up for grabs.>>

Federal law still requires broadband providers to protect customer information but it doesn’t say how.

That means when you sign-in your browsing information could still be watched and logged. Once signed by President Trump the legislation would officially be killed, eventually allowing our browsing habits to be sold. He also has the power to veto the bill.


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