NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — Representative Kelly Armstrong is being challenged for his seat as North Dakota’s sole Congressman.

Former Miss America Cara Mund, who is running against Armstrong as an Independent, says her concern over the erosion of abortion rights prompted her decision to enter the race.

Josh Meny sat down with Armstrong to discuss the main issues driving his platform, as well as his stance on abortion.

What are your thoughts on abortion when it comes to incest, rape, and the health of the mother? For example, the 10-year-old who had to drive from Ohio to Indiana after she was raped?

“Well, first of all, I think the Dobbs decision was the right decision. Roe created a 14th amendment right that it never existed in the court anywhere before. Secondly, my mom was a Catholic kindergarten teacher. I’ve been pro-life long before I’ve been in politics, and I’ll be pro-life long after I’m done with politics. My number one goal is to effectuate policy that has less abortions tomorrow than there were yesterday. When you’re talking about rape, incest, exceptions: statistically in the overall picture, they’re not a lot. But, anybody involved in those cases, they’re incredibly devastating. So I think the decisions for those things, as is with everything else, are left up to the states. And it’s up to state legislatures to make smart, compassionate policy really, regarding the life of the mother and the life of the child,” explained Armstrong.

So are you complete prohibition on abortion? Or is it within reason?

“Yeah. I mean, I want to effectuate policy that has less of them tomorrow than there was yesterday. I think there are, I mean I think if exceptions get more people to vote for it, and that causes for less abortions to have happened, then I think that is worthy policy to move forward,” Armstrong said.

So both candidates, Cara Mund and [Mark] Haugen have been criticizing you for voting against the insulin cap, the $35 per month insulin cap, why did you not vote in favor of that?

“Well, one, because it was part of a very large bill, and that’s how we do things. We don’t go through regular markup. We don’t do all of those things. It’s one part of an overall bill that’s actually devastating to North Dakota’s economy. You can call it whatever you want. But the reality is, is even if you believe that Democrats artificial sunsets, which they have no intention of sunsetting by the way, it doesn’t save money at the very earliest, the end of 2025. So we continue to move forward. We have health care problems in this country. We have prescription drug cost problems. The Republicans have a plan. We’ve continued to move forward with a plan but what you can’t continue to do is just burden shift and subsidize and drive up the cost on ratepayers everywhere else. And that seems to be more of the same from the Democratic Party when it comes to health care. And quite frankly, when it comes to most federal policy,” explained Armstrong.

If Republicans take it [the U.S. House] back in November, will you move to impeach Attorney General Garland?

“Oh no, I won’t move to impeach anybody right away. What I will move to do is to deal with really robust oversight. It is the one thing we can do well. It’s the one thing I think I’m uniquely skilled at, given my background and career. And I think we need to build a case. I think the first thing we should deal with is the security of the southern border. I think we should move forward. I think we should be talking about the fentanyl overdoses that are happening in North Dakota right now. If you have a fentanyl overdose in your community, you’re a border community. 95% of that is coming across the southern border. We should figure out why we’re not enforcing existing laws, what we can continue to do to stem the flow because here’s the other thing, Josh, it’s not fair or safe for the people coming. Anybody coming to that southern border at this point in time is dealing with the cartel to get there. It’s not safe, it’s not tenable, and I actually think it’s one of the biggest failures of the DC media particularly to not cover what’s been going on down there. But no, I’m not calling for anybody’s impeachment immediately. I think that was one of the mistakes that Democrats made in 2018. They were so interested in going after President Trump and getting President Trump’s tax returns, that they actually didn’t conduct oversight in a meaningful way. And I think the American people, listen it doesn’t matter if it’s border security. It doesn’t matter if DOJ, I was one of the first Republicans to go after Director [Christopher] Way when President Trump was still president. We need to conduct oversight. It’s the 21st century and we almost ran out of baby formula, these real issues in our agencies that transcend administrations, and I think the American people deserve answers and I want to help give them to them,” said Armstrong.

Do you support Trump for 2024?

“I will support whoever the Republican nominee is. We’re working to get through our race in 2022. But I think the last two years have proven with Democratic unified Democratic control in DC, and particularly this White House, everything they touch is bad for North Dakota,” Armstrong said.