CONTINUING COVERAGE: Bismarck Police Report Five More Coin-Operated Machine Thefts

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In continuing coverage: Five more instances of vandalism and theft to coin-operated laundry machines were reported in Bismarck. 

Yesterday KX News told you about four cases of vandalism. Since the story broke, Bismarck police received more reports from apartment buildings.

The first case happened sometime between April 15 and May 15th. The suspect stole $19 dollars worth of quarters out of a coin lock box at the 600 block of North 7th Street. A window was also broken in the building, on top of the damage to the lock box.

At the 1800 block of Ellison Drive, damage was found on May 2nd. An estimated $300 in quarters was taken. The suspect caused $230 worth of damage to the washing machines.

Between May 1st and May 15th at the 3200 block of East Thayer Avenue, about $400 in quarters were stolen, and $300 worth of damage was caused.

On May 2nd, damage was found at another apartment in the 1800 block of Ellison Drive. The suspect took off with an estimated $600 in quarters. $466 worth of damage was caused to the machines.

Then, between May 13th and 15th at the 700 block of East Interstate Avenue, about $500 worth of quarters were taken from a lockbox, causing $200 worth of damage. Police say a portable security camera was also taken. The camera is valued at $9,000.

Bismarck Police are unsure if all of these instances are related just yet. They do not have a suspect in mind, but they want renters and property managers to be aware of the trend. 

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