Convicted murderer’s appeal to N.D. Supreme Court turned down


The North Dakota Supreme Court has upheld a district court’s ruling denying convicted murder Morris Brickle-Hicks’ motion to supress evidence used in his trial.

In 2017, Hick was convicted in the 2016 fatal beating of Misty Coffelt  in Bismarck and sentenced to life without parole.

Hicks appealed the conviction on the grounds police didn’t have a warrant to collect Hicks’ clothing and that he didn’t properly waive his Miranda rights when interviewed by police.

The clothing contained blood evidence and Hicks made incriminating statements during the police interviews.

Thedistrict court denied the appeal, saying Hicks voluntarily provided the clothing and that he was read his Miranda rights and signed a waiver of those rights.

Hicks appealed the district court ruling to the North Dakota Sypreme Court.

Tuesday, the high court unanimously upheld the District Court ruling, stating, “We conclude the court’s denial of Brickle-Hicks’ motion to suppress is supported by sufficient competent evidence and is not contrary to the manifest weight of the evidence.”

You can read the full North Dakota Supreme Court ruling here.

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