Cool And Wet Weather Playing Havoc With Farmers

Bismarck – With close to 100 of inches snow falling across portions of southeastern North Dakota this past winter, it was quite the inconvenience.

It was a lengthy and wet winter across North Dakota, and unfortunately, a lot of that moisture remains stuck on North Dakota’s cropland, and every day that moisture remains, it could mean profits dry up.

“Any day we get behind, it’s more of a yield drag for us”. Said Farmer and Agronomist Corey Schumacher

That’s the reality facing many farmers and ranchers across the state as many are unable to get their crops into the ground simply because the ground is too wet…or completely submerged…

“We’ll farm around it, it takes some time, if the drills not in the ground, you’re not making any headway, but just be careful and try not to get yourself stuck and spend too much time pulling yourself out”. Said Farmer Lucas Lang.

The USDA says just over one-third of North Dakota’s spring wheat crop is in the ground, but that’s well behind the average where farmers, like Corey Schumacher, should be by this time of the year.

“You know there’s some crop insurance deadlines that we gotta get stuff in the ground by a certain date if not, we possibly have to think about switching up to some different crops, and trying to match the maturity, especially if we are doing corn or beans, trying to match the maturities to get it up before the frost gets it.” Said Schumacher.

The Agriculture Department says on average, 43 percent of corn is normally seeded by now.  
But we’re only at 11 percent this year.

And the news gets worse as planting of almost all crops in the state is behind the average pace.

Farmer Lucas Lang tells me crops not in the ground now means less cash in his pocket later.

“There’s defiantly an ability to impact yields there, Mother Nature is gonna do what it’s gonna do and we’re just along for the ride, just watch your input expenses and hope it all works out in the end.” Said Lang

He and Schumacher tell KX News it’s become a race against time as more below average temperatures and wet weather is in the forecast for the second half of the month.

Both Farmers KX News talked to tell us while it’s not the worst, this is turning out to be one of the latest starts to the season they can remember in quite some time.

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