Derek Pope is excited about suiting up and heading out to the lake to fish. He along with 30 other students took a shot at reeling in a fish.

“I liked it, even though I tried to feed some of the fish some worms,” Pope said.

Pope is not alone in this fishing adventure. He is joined by Jaxon Claymore, and they are learning the ropes of fishing from James Decker and Toni Garcia.

“I’ve been a part of this program since it started and it’s interesting to hear what they have to say and what they’ve learned through the years,” BPD Youth worker Tonie Garcia said.

Pope was excited about the numerous fish he caught and even wanted to say goodbye before tossing them back in.

For Decker, it’s all about living and learning, he fishes often and used his skills to help both Jaxon and Derek.

“I don’t classify myself as an expert in any way, I’ve been doing this since I was a little boy growing up. Learned something new every day, learned something from the adults, learned from the kids,” Volunteer James Decker said.

Sometimes both kids scored a bite and reeled in fish at the same time; a skill that both of them can use for a lifetime.