Corn Hybrid Offers Price Benefit For Farmers

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A new corn hybrid is bringing the promise of bigger returns for farmers struggling to find profits in the market this fall.
The hybrid was featured today during a field day near Turtle Lake.

Jim Olson was there to learn what it means to producers.

(Steve Knorr, McLean County Farmer) 3115 “Been raising corn for 17 years.”

Steve Knorr says in those 17 years, he’s tried many different brands and hybrids of corn, looking for the right one for central North Dakota. And he says he’s found it.

(Steve Knorr, McLean County Farmer) 3225 “The innovation that the Syngenta, Golden Harvest Enogen team has brought in the genetics of this corn is driving more value to me as a farmer.”

Knorr is gorwing – under irrigation – a relatively new variety of corn that has an important enzyme bred into the kernels so that the local ethanol plant – like Blue Flint near Underwood – is willing to pay about 40-cents per acre more than standard corn.

(Steve Knorr, McLean County Farmer) 3145 “I have the same input costs as any other corn brand out there but the unique thing about this is I get a premium at the ethanol plant.”

A company official says there are 160,000 acres of the new variety called Enogen planted in North Dakota this year, quite a lot considering it wasn’t around at all a few years ago.

(Trent Palm, Enogen) 3850 “To go from zero to 160,000 acres of Enogen production with a 40-cent-per-bushel premium on all those acres, it really brings return on investment on a local level for the growers.”
(Steve Knorr, McLean County Farmer) 3205 “In tough economic times and with low corn prices, any premium we get is money in our pocket.”

And that’s what any farmer is looking for come harvest. Near Turtle Lake, Jim Olson, KX News.

The USDA estimates about 3.2 million acres of corn were planted in North Dakota this year.

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