Could the Minot Public Library and the Ward County Library merge in the near future?

It all comes down to a public vote.

Talks about merging the Minot Public Library and the Ward County Library have been ongoing since early October.

The idea comes after both Ward county and the city of Minot conducted a study to determine how they could be more efficient.

If the merger were to happen both Minot residents and Ward County residents would pay taxes for the library to run.

They would save about 50, 000 dollars a year.

A merger committee met last week and reviewed a public survey with 291 responses, 64 percent opposed the merger.

“If there’s a merger –this will not impact the Kenmare library location or the book mobile as a matter of fact we’re hoping that if it does go through to a public vote and it is decided on it would actually increase services for the book mobile and Kenmare,” said Minot Public Library director, Janet Anderson.

The merger committee will meet again on January 9th, they encourage residents to attend.

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