NEW SALEM, N.D. (KXNET) — The North Dakota Country Fest is in full swing, and with the annual event comes a cavalcade of country music’s top musicians. Among these is the country duo LOCASH — who provide a blend of country, rock and good vibes with their music. Although they haven’t been on the public scene for very long, they’ve quickly made their presence known. So much so, in fact, that they were one of the headlining groups for Country Fest’s opening night.

Since their founding, the duo has released two albums to monumental success. LOCASH has earned over 500 million global streams, eight charting songs and three golden songs (each of which has shipped over 500,000 copies). This year, they’ve even joined together with Mike Love and Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys for their new single, aptly titled “Beach Boys.” They were joined by the group at the Grand Ole Opry back in May.

Their appearance at the ND Country Fest ties in with their ongoing “Woods and Water” tour, in celebration of their 2021 album of the same name. Over the course of the tour, which lasts until September, they’ll cross into multiple music festivals, including Stagecoach (Indio, CA), Los Cabos Country Fest (Baja California Sur, Mexico), and even as far as Lutterworth, England during their Long Road Festival.

While they were busy with both the North Dakota Country Fest and their tour this week, the duo managed to find some time to answer a few questions for KX News regarding their origins, favorite moments and the meaning behind their music.

Q: Tell us how Locash was formed. What started it all?  

LOCASH: We met at the Wildhorse Saloon on 2nd Ave in Nashville back in 2002. We started writing songs right away and got our first gig playing live at Tootsies. We started playing county fairs and festivals later that year and landed our first record deal in 2003.

Q: Does working in a duo help your musical production?

LOCASH: Working as a duo gives you double the ideas! We can bounce song lyrics or melodies off of each other, which helps us settle on what really feels like the direction to go. 

Q: What’s your favorite song you two have ever performed? What about off of “Woods and Water” specifically?

LOCASH: “I Love This Life” has always been our favorite. When it comes to “Woods and Water,” it has to be “Beach Boys.”

Q: On the subject of “Beach Boys,” You recently collaborated with Mike Love and Bruce Johnston. How was that experience? 

LOCASH: It was even cooler than we ever could have imagined.  Mike and Bruce have become like big brothers to us and shared so much insight on the journey we are all on.  It led to performing together at The Ryman, Stagecoach Music Festival, and The Grand Ole Opry!

Q: Sometimes combining musical styles can be difficult. Was there any difficulty that came with mixing your country rock with the Beach Boys’ surf rock?

LOCASH: Surprisingly, no. Both the Beach Boys and LOCASH like to sing songs that have positive messages, good energy, fun melodies, and unforgettable hooks, so it was a natural connection when we all jumped in the studio together. 

Q: How has the “Woods and Water” tour been going? Have the crowds been treating you well?

LOCASH: The “Woods & Water Tour” has been incredible! The crowds have been huge, and it feels great to see everyone’s hands in the air and hear them singing along again. It feels like we’ve all been cooped up in our houses for two years and we’re ready to cut loose and make some memories together.

Q: How did you feel in the days before ND Country Fest? Were you excited or nervous?

LOCASH: We were definitely excited! Pumped and ready to throw down. We weren’t even nervous… just ready to turn up the guitars, turn on the lights and play some Country music!

Q: What are you hoping that fans, or anyone who listens to your music, get out of it?

LOCASH: A connection. We’re all just trying to get through this crazy thing called life, and hopefully, we all look back on it and say “I Love This Life!”  That’s why we write songs and roll all over the country in a tour bus….so we can share that feeling and that message.

While LOCASH’s performance at the Country Fest has already ended, there’s plenty that anyone interested in the band can do to keep in touch with the newest releases. In addition to their music being available through Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube, the duo’s official website has up-to-date news on their exploits, new albums, progress, and tour dates. They can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

The ND Country Fest is still going on at the time of this article’s publication and continues until Saturday, July 9. A full list of scheduled artists, and more information about the festival, can be found on the Country Fest’s website.