Over 40% of the money the legislature approved for the Mouse River Flood Protection project this year will be spent outside the city of Minot.
That’s the message the lead engineer on the project brought to the Ward County Commission today.

Ryan Ackerman told commissioners about construction plans for the coming two years.
While work inside Minot is substantial, he says there is a lot of money being spent outside of the city.

(Ryan Ackerman, Souris River Joint Board Administrator) “Boiling this all down, of the $82.5 million dollars, $46.4 million is planned for activities within Minot meaning acquisitions, construction, and engineering. $35.9 million is associated with activities outside of Minot.”

Ackerman says projects such as a new Colton Avenue Bridge in Burlington and work in Tierracita Vallejo between Minot and Burlington will see construction late this year or early next year.