Creating Hearts for Hospice

With Valentine’s Day only a few weeks off, a Williston group is hoping people will give their hearts to helping others again this year.
The second annual “Hearts for Hospice” event is on through February 11th.

CHI Health at Home is putting on the fund-raiser to support its hospice program.
Jim Olson talked with the woman whose experience with hospice motivated her to set “Hearts for Hospice” in motion.

(Kathy Sinclair, Williston Resident) “I just felt that is a service that cannot go away…”

When Kathy Sinclair heard Williston’s hospice program was in financial danger, she acted.

(Kathy Sinclair, Williston Resident) “I said, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m going to try to figure out a fund raiser.”

And so was born Hearts for Hospice. A chance for area residents to make small donations – that in the first year a year ago added up to thousands of dollars in support.

(Karen Bercier, CHI Williston Hospice Director) “It was a very humbling experience to see the response and truly it shows the benefit of our hospice from the response we’ve gotten from our community.”
(Kathy Sinclair, Williston Resident) ‘That was wonderful – the support was.”

Sinclair’s heart for supporting hospice stems from her experiences with the program – with both her father in 1997, and a couple of years ago when her husband.

(Kathy Sinclair, Williston Resident) “It just gave me comfort knowing I could call at any time and ask them, is it OK to do this?”
(Emily Pipkin, Hospice Social Worker) “We are trying to provide quality of life. We’re not so concerned with quantity or even what a disease may be progressing towards, it’s just making sure someone is comfortable and having an extreme quality of life.”

Social worker Emily Pipkin says looking at the roster of patients and families that have been helped through Health at Home reminds her how much the program means to the region.

(Emily Pipkin, Hospice Social Worker) 5210 “It’s beyond rewarding. We learn so much more from our families. The sheer strength that our clients and families have is so inspiring for us as workers and we kind of have a piece of them wherever we go.”
(Karen Bercier, CHI Williston Hospice Director) 3750 “It’s just a wonderful experience.”

A wonderful experience that is hoping for another successful fundraiser over the next few weeks. In Williston, Jim Olson, KX News.

The hospice director says the program requires donations to cover about 30% of its annual operating expenses.

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