Crime in the winter

It’s crimes like property theft that local law enforcement tends to see when it’s cold out. 

“Normal times of year have slower calls than others, winter time is no exception.”

It’s the vacant homes whose owners have left to escape the cold.

“Let your neighbors know, it’ll help you get to know your neighbors, plus it will help keep your stuff safe, let them know if anybody should be around,” said chief deputy Larry Hubbard. 

He adds that installing a home security system might not be a bad idea. 

“Some of those security systems aren’t only for your security for some one breaking in, they can monitor carbon dioxide, they can monitor a fire also if a pipe breaks in your house- there’s several benefits,” said Hubbard. 

Nathalie Gomez: This time of year leaving your car unattended while you wait for it to warm up, is not out of the ordinary, but this increases the chances of it being stolen. 

“Take a little time to maybe save some money and invest in car starters, try to lock your vehicle, have an extra key so that you can get into your vehicle,” said Hubbard.

Your home and car are not the only target this season, storage units are a hot item too.

“With the weather being what it is not only do people not like being out, that means not a lot of people are out to witness or possibly call to tell about these incidents that happen at 2,3.4 O’clock in the morning,” said Hubbard.

And when that happens it makes it even harder to catch criminals. but if you happen to witness a crime…

“Just be a good witness and give us as much detailed information as possible that helps responding officers,” said Hubbard.

While crime slows down because of the freezing temperatures, it certainly doesn’t take break, so don’t let your guard down. 

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