Crop Decision Time for Farmers


While we wait to see what winter will bring, farmers are busy planning for what spring and summer will deliver in 2018.
Jim Olson reports on an important time of year for producers – 
and how the NDSU extension tries to help out in tonight’s top story.

(Myron Blumhagen, Drake Area Farmer) 0735 “Things are really tough out there…”

That’s why Myron Blumhagen made the trip from Drake to Minot – to hear the latest ideas on what crops might grow a profit next year.

(Travis Prochaska, NDSU Crop Protection Specialist) 1310 “We suffered through a drought this year 
(Myron Blumhagen, Drake Area Farmer) 0750 “It was horribly dry.”
(Travis Prochaska, NDSU Crop Protection Specialist) “…so the goal is to get that planning process started so they think about crop rotations and what issues may arise.”

Travis Prochaska specializes in crop protection and says those “issues” could include insects in 2018 if the dry patter persists. He says that seems to indicate that chick peas could prove profitable.

(Travis Prochaska, NDSU Crop Protection Specialist) 1500 “As long as they can get some timely rain, they can handle the drought really well.”

Blumhagen planted some peas last year and says it was a good choice as the year progressed.

(Myron Blumhagen, Drake Area Farmer) 0810 “The peas worked out real well because we got an early snow they took advantage of and mataured before we ran out of moisture.”

But he’s hoping he doesn’t have to work through a drought again.

(Myron Blumhagen, Drake Area Farmer) 0840 “We’re hoping we get snow up to our eyeballs…

That would make some decisions a bit easier – such as the March 15th deadline when farmers have to decide what crop insurance to buy – and how much coverage they want.

(Myron Blumhagen, Drake Area Farmer) 0855 “If it’s a dry winter, we probably won’t harvest much at all this fall.”

So you can see why these “Crop Decision” seminars have been popular this winter – because farmers know they face some hard choices as they try to navigate the unpredictable weather for another year.

Jim Olson, KX News.

The Crop Decisions 2018 seminars continue tomorrow in Crosby and Lignite, and Thursday in Watford City and Williston.

Click here to see the NDSU Extension Service seminar schedule.

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