Custodians Prepare For The 1st Day Of School

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School is almost in session.

But before all the teachers and students walk through the door.

The building needs back to school cleaning.

Here’s Alexus Arthur with the people who make it happen.

“We clean like all the desks, shampoo all the carpets, and take all the marks off the floors.” said Chad Evenson, Custodian.

Clean up takes a crew.

“It has to be done.” said Gordon Haverluck, Custodian.

A team of 8 custodians are making Magic City Campus sparkle and shine before students and teachers walk through the doors.

“When everyone sees what you did, that’s what makes it worth it right there and then they appreciate what you did.” said Evenson.

They each have their own tasks to check off the list.

“I like the windows.” said Israel Perez, Custodian.

“It’s just getting into the areas that are open because this school kind of never shuts down.” said Evenson.

“I like the windows because I’m picky. I just like to have my windows clean.” said Perez.

And that’s only the start… hundreds of tables have to be wiped down too.

“It’s a challenge.” said Haverluck.

But creating a clean environment for everyone makes the job worth it.

“It makes me feel accomplished when the kids come in and the school smells good.” said Perez.

“What makes it worthwhile is when the students come up to you and thank you for cleaning the school.” said Haverluck.

It may not be the most glamorous job.

“Squeeky clean.” said Haverluck.

“I love it because it’s different.” said Perez.

“It’s a good job to have.” said Evenson.

But it’s definitely an important one. At Magic City Campus, Alexus Arthur, KX News.

The custodians will continue to prep the school until the first bell rings.

After that, they’ll make sure that each and everyday the teachers and students have a clean school to come to.

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