It has been weeks since school began and there’s one type of unwanted behavior that can be found in any school district: bullying.

“We probably see more student conflict where students aren’t getting along for whatever reason, it doesn’t always escalate to the bullying situation,” Century High School Counselor Dan Trottier said.

Century High School senior Elydia Symens would take a stand against bullying if she were ever to witness it.

“I’d probably step in and kind of ask the situation in a calm manner to make sure that everything is going ok and if it’s not then I probably would get a teacher or an adult that’s around,” Symens said

With technology at our fingertips, it makes it easier and faster to spread unwanted harmful posts about someone at school.

“It’s several hundred people that see it and the way it permeates through that social media platform now instead of just one, it’s dozens of kids that they latch on to,” Century High School Principal Steve Madler said.

According to, 19% of students in grades 9th through 12th, reported incidents of bullying. The study showed the behavior happening in other places including online and text messages.

“When people say that everyone can say whatever they want behind the screen it’s so true. No one is going to say things outside versus if they were on the screen,” Symens said.

One local high school shared with KX News how bullying behavior is not tolerated and there are consequences if it occurs even off school grounds.

“The school consequences could be some suspensions; it could get very severe that kids are actually removed and placed in a different school,” Madler said.

The Bismarck Public School District has code of conduct pages on bullying especially on how to handle it away from the school district.

“You find out that there are some comments going on back and forth so it may not fit the specific definition of bullying, but you do have two kids that are having conflict,” Madler said.

To learn more about this code of conduct click here.