Dad Charged with Terrorizing Following Middle School Locker Room Incident

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A 40-year-old Bismarck man is charged with a Class C felony of terrorizing a juvenile following an incident in a boys locker room. 

Court documents show two male students in the locker room at Wachter Middle School were playing ‘pants war.’

A game where they try to pull each others pants down. 

Two students in particular had attempted and failed to de-pants each other. 

Shortly after the group left the school, the dad of one of the students abruptly stopped his vehicle by the group of boys.

He then got out of his vehicle while attempting to conceal a knife in his pocket. 

He then pushed one of the juveniles. 

Another juvenile attempted to intervene, which is when the man pulled the knife, pointed it at the students and verbally threatened them. 

The man was charged with two terrorizing counts, both Class C felonies.

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