Dakota Chappy Goes Back to Her Roots

She’s most notably known for her total tight spandex.

Now, she’s going back to her roots.

Dakota Chappy released her new song “Frequency” at the Dakota Square Mall.

You might not know it, but she’s been making music for 20 years. 

She learned to play guitar at Des-Lac Burlington High School.

“One of those talents that’s really kind of chosen me instead of me chosen it. It’s just in my heart,” said Chappy Windsor, singer. 

“And I think as an artist I think sometimes we make music because we need it to heal and really to live, but then we share it because we want to connect with people, and that’s what always brings me back to the recording and the distribution of my music,” she added. 

She’ll release her music video May 30 at Sports on Tap. 

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