Dakota Zoo Welcomes New Foal

baby horse_1525575214020.JPG.jpg

The Dakota Zoo in Bismarck has a new addition to their residents.

A Przewalski’s horse was born at the zoo just a week ago. These horses are also known as the Mongolian wild horse, and that’s because they’re the only true remaining wild horse in the world. 
The Dakota Zoo director says there about 500 of these horses left in the wild. The mother horse is a result of the first ever artificially inseminated Mongolian wild horse — making her foal even more unique.

Terry Lincoln; Zoo Director: “So it’s pretty exciting that she’s right here in Bismarck, and now she has her first youngster, and everything is going well. A very healthy youngster. And we still don’t know what sex it is because she’s so protective of it..”

When I was at the zoo getting this video earlier today, it was pretty clear how very protective the mother was. Anytime the dad horse would come up, she’d put her rear to him, so he would know he’d be getting a kick if he got much closer.

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