Damage Limited, Benefits Pile Up In The Field From Heavy Rain


The past couple of days brought torrential rain to parts of the region.
Some farms in Mountrail County were hit with more than five inches of rain just yesterday.
Jim Olson checked out the impact of the heavy rains on crops.

(Justus Bangen, Plaza Area Farmer) “We got a summer’s rainfall in a day.”

The rain gauge at the Bangen farm near Plaza was overflowing by Wednesday morning – less than 18 hours after the rain started.

(Justus Bangen, Plaza Area Farmer) “About 1:00, 1:30, the downpour started and that lasted about a couple hours. And by this morning we ended up with around six inches.”

(Jim Olson, KX News) “It’s almost hard to believe that just Tuesday, six inches of rain fell in this area near Plaza because the crops are actually looking pretty good.”

(Justus Bangen, Plaza Area Farmer) “The crops look good. A little lodging in the wheat but other than that – it’s well-needed moisture.”
(Brian Hollinger, Stanley Area Farmer) “It was pretty much a godsend – we had 3.9″ here at the farm.”

At the Hollinger farm west of Stanley – the result of the deluge was positive.

(Brian Hollinger, Stanley Area Farmer) “It came hard at first but after a while, it settled down and it was a nice gentle rain that it seems like we haven’t had for a long time.”

Brian Hollinger says with the crops well advanced already, they were able to handle the rain and help it soak in rather than running off causing problems.

(Jim Hennessey, Mountrail Co. Ag Agency) “We were very dry – we were in the severe drought index.”

Agronomist Jim Hennessey says the rain will help push crops like canola and soybeans to better yields come harvest. An outcome that might not have been expected when overflowing rain gauges were first discovered after the storm.
In Mountrail County, Jim Olson, KX News.

Jim Hennessey says the rainfall Tuesday was very spotty – with one place getting a half-inch and another just a few miles away being hit with three or four inches.

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