Dangerous road conditions in Dickinson

The North Dakota Department of Transportation along with the North Dakota Highway Patrol have issued a No Travel Advisory for parts of North Dakota, including Dickinson due to icy roads, visibility, and snow.

In the early parts of Monday morning, the sidewalks and roads in town were bare as a bone, and by early evening they had close to six inches of snow.

During the day, many drivers experienced issues with slippers roads in city limits, even though the publics works department had trucks out addressing the road conditions.

Some drivers even got stuck in the snow just driving down the street.

“The wind has gone down for the moment, but the pack snow on the roads is what really concerns me,” said Todd Hitchrick, Dickinson resident.

Because of the weather conditions, Stark County Offices closed at noon and the city commission meeting was canceled.

A travel advisory was also issued within city limits.

The highways were completely different, because driving was almost impossible with nearly zero visibility and winds at 30 mph blowing snow across the highway.

“I’m definitely driving slow going home tonight,” said Hitchrick

Dickinson Public Schools didn’t cancel school on Monday, but Dickinson State University canceled classes that started after 3:30 p.m.

There is no word yet if the Dickinson Public Schools will cancel classes on Tuesday.

The public works department said that snow removal crews will begin clearing residential areas at 3 a.m. on Tuesday.

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