Daniel O’Donnell Becomes A Viking At Hostfest

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Daniel O’Donnell is at the Norsk Hostfest and will be taking the stage to sing tonight but before he does that – he learned exactly what it was like to be a Viking.

For the past 3 weeks, Daniel O’Donnell has been traveling across the Midwest trying new things.

As he’s done that – PBS has been following him with their cameras because they will be making a documentary.

Today, they captured him being one of the Vikings at the Hostfest.

He got in full costume along with his wife and they played some traditional Viking games.

O’Donnell’s manager says it’s great opportunity for him to dive into the culture and be apart of the communities he performs in.

“Well it’s great that he’s up for that for that kind of sport. He’s a good sport about it as is Megla so it’s great that he’s willing to do that,” said Kieran Cavangah, Daniel O’Donnell’s Manager.

O’Donnell was inducted into the 2018 Scandinavian America Hall of Fame Honors at the Hostfest.

He will be performing tonight at 7pm.

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