DAPL protester sues law enforcement over injury at Backwater Bridge protest

A DAPL protestor injured during the heated Backwater Bridge incident, is suing Morton County and other law enforcement.

Sophia Wilansky whose forearm and hand were severely damaged by an explosive device is seeking damages in the millions.

In court documents, Wilansky says law enforcement threw a ‘flashbang’ at her around 4 am, after the protest had broken up.
Law Enforcement has said, they were not throwing anything at protestors that would have caused that type of injury.

In the US District Court filing here in North Dakota, Wilansky says her hand is disfigured, and she has limited use of her left arm and hand.

Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney, Highway Patrol’s Thomas Iverson and “John Doe” are all named in the law suit.

No further court dates have been set yet in the case.

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