Daughter & Mother Reunited After 24 Years

A woman who has not met her mother since she was a toddler was reunited with her today – a quarter-century later.
It happened this afternoon in Minot.

Jim Olson was there to witness the moment.

Starla Goodmiller and her family came into the State Fair Center with a single goal – to find Starla’s mother.

(Starla Goodmiller, Grand Junction, Colorado)  “We’ve never met.”

It’s not that they haven’t talked – Starla – from Colorado – and her mom who lives in Underwood, North Dakota – haven’t been face to face since Starla was less than two.

(Starla Goodmiller, Grand Junction, Colorado)  “She has no clue that we’re here.”

And so after some help locating mom within the building

(Starla Goodmiller, Grand Junction, Colorado)  “I’m shaking right now – it’s been a long time waiting to meet her.”

Starla made the walk that must have seemed like miles – until finally mom – Jeannette Loomis – was in sight – and realizing what was happening.

(Jeannette Loomis, Underwood, ND)  “uh uh? Oh my God!”
(Starla Goodmiller, Grand Junction, Colorado) “These are my kids…can I give you a hug too?”

Jeannette decided 24 years ago that Starla had a better shot at life with her father. 

(Starla Goodmiller, Grand Junction, Colorado)  “I’m 26. I found her shortly after I tunred 18 and I was on a mission and able to find her.”
(Jeannette Loomis, Underwood, ND ) “This is a good thing because I’ll be 50 next week.”

Quite a birthday present indeed. Jim Olson, KX News.
(Jeannette Loomis, Underwood, ND ) “Oh my goodness!”

Mother and daughter say they just plan to hang out together this weekend – their first together in more than two decades.

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