Deer Hunters out at Noon


Tens of thousands of deer hunters have spent the afternoon in North Dakota fields.
The deer-gun season began at noon – a season where the Game and Fish Department dished out over 54-thousand licenses.
Jim Olson checked in with one man who’s been deer hunting every year since he was 14.

(Greg Gullickson, McLean County Resident: “These would be deer tracks that drifted in and right over here on this tree is a rub.”

Greg Gullickson has learned the signs over the 29 years he’s been deer hunting. Signs like this deer rub where a buck has marked his presence.

Greg Gullickson: “Basically what they’re doing is trying to establish territory, telling other buck that, hey I live here.”

He’s hunted in snow – and in heat

Greg Gullickson: “I remember waking up at deer camp in Ambrose, North Dakota and the thermometer read eight below, and I remember four-five years later at deer camp in the northwest part of the state where I was hunting deer in a t-shirt.”

Yeah well not this year. But he actually prefers it like this.

Greg Gullickson: “To see tracks, the deer stick out a bit more. This wind we have helps to silence our footsteps, we can actually play the wind.”

Gullickson considers this a great time of year for outdoor-types

(Greg Gullickson, McLean County Resident) “Still some great pheasant hunding opportunities, sharp-tail grouse, we’re at the cusp of deer season and a good 16-and-a-half days ahead of us for the orange army to head out into the field.”

One trooper left behind when that orange army hits the fields is the faithful hunting dog – Gullickson’s is named Hunter and she has to stay behind for deer season

Greg Gullickson: “She’s going to be confused for the next 16 days because I’m leaving the yard with a gun and she thinks she should be out there helping me….there goes another rooster.”

Hunter would’ve loved to be out here to see that – for Gullickson, that sort of moment is a reminder of what he really loves about hunting.

Greg Gullickson: “It’s got to be more of a time of solitude where it’s not five or six buddies getting together where it’s myself being out enjoying what’s going on.”

Of course he knows lots of hunters also enjoy the camaraderie of a deer camp and group hunting – and getting to know land owners

Greg Gullickson, McLean County Resident: “Another nice thing about snow is you can see tracks…”

It all comes together over the next 16 days – as North Dakota’s orange army invades for another year. Jim Olson, KX News.

The deer-gun season runs through November 26th.
If you’re wondering why Hunter couldn’t go with- it’s actually against the law to use a dog with for deer hunting.

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