Delta widens its options for flyers


Delta is sending something new in the skies. 

Next month, the airline will debut its brand new airbus A-220 on routes linking New York to Boston and Dallas-Fort Worth. Passengers will find the plane breaks with an unpopular trend by offering wider seats. 

The wider seats on the plane come as Congress has mandated the FAA to determine a minimum safe seat size on planes.

It also comes with a new system to avoid turbulence. 

You could say the airbus A-220 was slow to takeoff. 

It started as a plane no one seemed to want, but now Delta is betting it’s the jet you’re going to want to ride on. 

“The reason passengers should care about the A-220 are three magical words: wider coach seats,” said Henry Harteveldt, Travel Industry Analyst Atmosphere Research Group. “You don’t hear airlines introducing planes that are actually much more comfortable for us as travelers, especially in coach.” 

The Delta Handout reads, “Seat size is a common complaint with flyers. The 18.6 inch across seats are the largest economy seats in Delta’s fleet, and come as the Congress has mandated the FAA to determine a minimum safe seat size on planes. The 109 seat A-220 boasts bigger overhead bins so your bag will fit, larger windows, in seat power and TV screens. And it’s the only airliner we know of that has a loo with a view, yep, that’s a window with a bathroom.” 

“You’re at 35, 000 feet, it has a shade, but what a view,” said Tim Mapes, Delta’s Chief Marketing Officer. We wanted to bring luxury of style and a sense of excitement back to travel and something that somebody can loo to as oppose to dread.” 

The flight deck is state of the art and includes an app to avoid turbulence. Delta’s flight weather viewer aims to show pilots where the smooth air is by crowdsourcing data all of Delta’s aircraft. 

“So instead of climbing up and down, trying to find smooth air, I can look at this and say, yep, it’s right there. I know exactly where it is,” said Mapes.

If the focus on the inside is comfort, out here it’s about efficiency. The plane is made of composite material so it’s lighter and those engines are new and advanced making the plane 20% more fuel efficient. Basically it flies farther for cheaper. 

The Airbus Handout reads,”The A-220 was designed by Canadian jet maker Bombarier, but struggled to win orders and prompted a trade dispute with Boeing until Airbus bought the plane and moved some production to the U.S.” 

Delta ordered 75, and Jetblue another, which will have the new plane flying high over the U.S. for years to come. 

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