Department of Human Services Campaign Takes Proactive Approach in Curbing Opioid Abuse

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The Department of Human Services is taking a proactive step to curb opioid abuse and overdose deaths.

The latest campaign is called ‘Lock, Monitor, Take Back’. The Assistant Director for the department’s Behavioral Health Division says the first step in prevention is to decrease access to unneeded prescriptions, especially opioids.

The campaign calls for three simple steps:
1. Lock: Make sure you know where your medication is and that it’s out of reach for anyone else.
2. Monitor: Know how much you have left.
3. Take Back: There are places to return unused medication, including law enforcement agencies and pharmacies across the state.

The Assistant Director Laura Anderson says, “In North Dakota we’ve seen a pretty rapid increase of opioid overdoses over the past couple of years. And we also know that 14 percent of high school students report using pain medication that either a doctor has not prescribed them, or not as prescribed, and so we know there’s a problem that we want to address.”

For a list of agencies where you can drop off unneeded prescription drugs visit the Department of Human Service’s website below:

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