Despite the lasting cold, gardening season is on track

Spring fever is upon us, but mother nature seems to be saying otherwise.

NDSU Extension Centers across the state have been offering Spring Fever Garden Forums every Monday for the past couple of weeks.

While there is a lot to learn, those who attend haven’t been able to utilize the teachings.

If you’ve been outside lately, you can see why.

“This is easy to come out and pick a few weeds in the morning with my coffee and I’m good to go.”

As you can see, she’s not doing that just yet.

Thanks to below freezing temperatures day after day, Jean Fegley said she hasn’t even planted any seedlings inside, either.

“Every year is different,” she said.

She said there was one year when she planted the best potatoes she’d ever had on Good Friday.

Fegley lauged, “so, this year — no, not happening.”

You might not guess that what you see here actually blooms into a pretty bright backdrop.

Even the piles of snow can’t stop the perennials from popping through once again.

“I’ve loved gardening my whole life,” Fegley said, “some years, everything looks beautiful, some years it doesn’t, but that’s kind of the fun of gardening here, that’s the challenge.”

So while Fegley – and her frequent visitors – all wait for the temperature to rise and the snow to melt, research agronomist Eric Eriksmoen said, “typically we’re looking at the end of May – mid to the end of May – for many of our gardening crops.”

So gardening season isn’t too far behind, just yet.

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