Detroit Lakes Restaurant puts Shoplifters to Work


There’s no doubt stores have issues with shoplifting and many turn to law enforcement to deal with the culprits. 

But, one store in Detroit Lakes is dealing with criminals in a different way.

Lakeshirts has been on the Detroit Lakes Beach for over 30 years. 

Last summer, they caught a few kids stealing from the store.

Instead of prosecuting them, they took matters into their own hands.

They struck up a deal with the kid’s parents and put them to work in the t-shirt factory.

The folks at Lakeshirts declined to comment on their unique take on the legal system, but the Chief of Police not only assured us he approves — he’s also on board as a parent too.

“As a father I think the means that Lakeshirts is using to solve this problem really extends some mercy land grace to the people involved and I like seeing that I think that is needed in our society and you don’t always have to move to a criminal resolution for every thing. Sometimes we can handle things in the way Lakeshirts is handling it,” said Chief Steve Todd of the Detroit Lakes Police.

And on a side note for the criminals — Lakeshirts was voted best business to work for in 2018.

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