Dickinson first responders respond to excercise at airport

fire excercise_1496720526329.jpg

First responders and airports officials were out at Theodore Roosevelt airport on Tuesday for their tri-annual full scale emergency exercise required by the FAA.

The event tests how firefighters, paramedics, and airport officials react and communicate in case of an emergency.

The first responders were put in a simulated situation that trainers try to make as real as possible with fire, hoses, passengers, and a rigged up plane full of smoke.

“They did great. I gave them thumbs up on about 10 different occasions. For being here band mostly doing it on their own. They were phenomenal. I’m not going to grade them, but it was a thumbs up,” said Wade Boyat, owner and instructor for ARFF Specialists. 

Even though the exercise is extremely dangerous, Boyat said they try to make it fun for the individuals involved and added ,with a smile, that flying is the safest form of travel.

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