Dickinson Police Department pays tribute to nightwatchman


The Dickinson Police Department is showing appreciation to an officer who served the department more than a 100 years ago.

Thomas B McDonough, served as a nightwatchman from 1914 to almost the day he died in 1935.

This past week members from the department laid flowers on his grave to commemorate his service.

Until recently he laid in an unmarked grave in Saint Patricks Cemetery in Dickinson.

The Dickinson Police Association adopted the grave site this past Fall when they realized who it belonged to and gave McDonough a headstone.

Lt. Mike Hanel said they found all this out when they were doing research on the history of the police department and confirming the grave site with one of McDonough’s living family members.

“The police department is family  . . . we take care of our own . . . and we just decided this would be an appropriate way to memorialize what he had done for the community,” said Lt. Hanel.

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