Dickinson school board is considering asking voters for help

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Dickinson Public Schools need money for some upcoming major construction projects, and they are exploring the possibility of asking voters for help.

The school board wants to make a change to the Building Fund Levy.

They are discussing the possibility of asking voters to raise the mills from 10 to 20 mills.

Members of the board don’t want to borrow any more money for projects.

Right now 10 mills brings in roughly $1.7 million and doubling it would give them more to work with.

 “We know we are going to have some expansions and things needed at the high school. We have future needs at the elementary school with their growth. There is a lot of need and a lot of  projects, and we need funding to make that happen,” said Brent Seaks, Dickinson DPS Board President.

The school board would like to have a decision before April 9, so it can be put on the June ballot.

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