Dickinson shows North Dakota toughness in frigid weather

On Wednesday Dickinson, ND residents showed their North Dakota toughness by brushing off below zero temperatures and frigid wind chills like they were a bad habit. 

“Its cold, but I grew up on a farm and ranch . . . We grew up with it. We are use to it,” said Kevin Hoherz, Dickinson High School principal.

While other areas in the state had closings with public schools, county and local offices, as well as, local businesses due to severe weather conditions, Dickinson showed it’s grit and was open for business.

Places like City Hall, Stark County Courthouse, Public Library, and Dickinson Public Transit were all open on Wednesday to many residents’ delight. 

“We very seldom will ever close the doors. The only time we will is if the city has no travel advised, ” said Randy Ulmer, Dickinson Public Transit bus driver.

The public schools in Dickinson also kept their doors open, and the students seemed to be handing the conditions with ease.

“Some of them bundle up . . some of them don’t . . .some of them wear shorts,” said Hoherz.

However, one student KX News spoke to said he wouldn’t of objected to an extra day off. . . kind of.

“I mean a little bit. We would have to make the days up, so we would have to come to school anyways,” said Jaren Wilson, Dickinson High School student.

With temperatures hovering around one below zero most of the morning and hitting single digit by the afternoon, the weather in Dickinson wasn’t as severe as other parts of the state.

It seemed like Dickinson was having a heat wave compared to Eastern North Dakota, but on Wednesday it was still important for people to be wearing a warm layer of clothing in the Queen City.

“Definitely chilly on the hands and toes . . definitely trying to stay warm,” said Dylan Pokorny, Dickinson resident.

But, if there was one place that was embracing the cold weather, it was the local coffee shops.

“It(coffee) definitely keeps you a lot warmer than normal. It is a good thing to do,” said Pokorny

Dickinson residents are hoping for warmer temperatures heading into the weekend, as are we all.

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