Digital Eye Strain is a Growing Problem

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If you spend a good amount time in front of a computer, tv, or phone, you’ve been exposed to harmful blue light. Because of this, over 90 percent of adults are at risk of digital eye strain.

New research suggests that, for many people, all of this screen-time is making our eyes worse. Symptoms of digital eye strain can include dryness in the eyes and fatigue. New brands, like “EyeZen” have come out with glasses specifically made to filter out the blue-light, relieving your eyes from strain. Doctor Danele Moch says, as this issue becomes more common, its a regular conversation she has with her patients.

Dr. Danele Moch; Optometrist: “If you work on a computer for 8+ hours a day, it’s something you should be thinking about. Long term we still don’t fully know the consequences of what’s going to come out of this. But the research is definitely pointing towards long term risks of macular issues.”

The reason long term effects are still uncertain is because of how new a problem blue-light exposure is.

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