Tie-dye is back. You see more of them on the streets these days: Tie-dyed T-shirts and clothing. Do-It-Yourself is big and, apparently, as is buying manufactured tie-dye clothing. It seems to go in waves over the years and it’s become a hot quarantine fashion trend that seems to be sticking around. 

Some suggest COVID-19 and social distancing and lots of time on one’s hands at home are responsible for the tie-dye surge. It’s not just for kids and you don’t have to be a hippie to tie-dye. 

Some Bismarck crafters make tie-dye pieces for fashion and some do it for fun. 

Allie Severson is a long time tie-dyer and recently made some pieces for the Flowing Through  Bisman fire and flow arts group. 

“We are preparing for our first public fire performance at Medieval Rush this Saturday, so we made the dye shirts for the performance,” said Severson. 

“I’ve been tie-dying for several years but for some of the group, this was their first experience. Tie-dying is a fun activity and a great way to express yourself with color,” she said.

She says during this pandemic, creativity has become a great and positive way to deal with the stresses of our current world struggles and tie-dying is a fun way to bring bright colors into your wardrobe and life and it’s enjoyable for any age.

A Bismarck fashionista, Anne Cleary says she bought a pair of white bell-bottoms from KooKoos Nest in downtown Bismarck and tie-dyed them. She even made a TikTok video about it. 

Even though she sports the pants in the video, she is yet to wear them in public. 

Another woman from Bismarck had taken this trend to another level and made tie-dye masks. 

Cortney Feister started doing tie-dye about 10 years ago. Mostly just for fun with family and friends. She says earlier this year people started asking her if she sold the tie-dye shirts she would wear. So about a month ago Feister got a North Dakota business license. 

“I don’t really sell a whole lot of shirts so I decided to make a few masks and see how it went. I sold my first 75 masks through word of mouth in about two weeks,” said Feister. 

“I have three kids in school and I was having a hard time finding masks that would fit them. When I found some masks that mostly fit my kids I decided to tie them and put a bead on the ear loops to make them adjustable.”

Feister said about a week ago her sister-in-law sent a link she saw with the beaded chains. She loved the idea of her kids not having to take their masks off and set them down. 

“They are lightweight so they hardly notice them. The beads are soft and they don’t get tangled in my girl’s long hair,” said Feister. 

Whether you’re tie-dying for fun or fashion, activities that spark joy are more important than ever during these stressful times, and the art of tie-dyeing can help get your creative juices flowing.