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One North Dakota woman is bringing back the art of the enneagram.

Meet Hailey Whitman, a graphic design artist, and people enthusiast. This 27-year-old lives in Bismarck and she spends much of her time in active pursuit of the emotional health field… most recently the enneagram.

While the roots of the Enneagram are disputed and unclear, Whitman says they are connected to different spiritual traditions as well as some philosophical traditions. 

Enneagram types are broken down into nine archetypes, or human character structure.

Whitman goes on to explain in her words how she views each type.

1 – The Reformer
Enneagram Type One

The Rational, Idealistic Type:
Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic

Type Ones see the world as it could be and they want to make it better. They’re very dedicated to being good, moral and have high integrity.

  • Basic Fear: Of being corrupt/evil, defective
  • Basic Desire: To be good, to have integrity, to be balanced

2- The Helper
Enneagram Type Two

The Caring, Interpersonal Type:
Generous, Demonstrative, People-Pleasing, and Possessive

Type Twos are very warm and generous. They’re the kind of people that love to help and serve. They find a lot of meaning and value in serving.

  • Basic Fear: Of being unwanted, unworthy of being loved
  • Basic Desire: To feel loved

3-The Achiever
Enneagram Type Three

The Success-Oriented, Pragmatic Type:
Adaptable, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious

Type Threes are talented and driven. Often called “The Golden Child”. Task-oriented. They are great performers. They can read social situations quickly. They adapt to situations quickly.

  • Basic Fear: Of being worthless
  • Basic Desire: To feel valuable and worthwhile

4 – The Individualist
Enneagram Type Four

The Sensitive, Introspective Type:
Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental

Fours are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but can also be moody and self-conscious. 

Whitman says she is a type four.

  • Basic Fear: That they have no identity or personal significance
  • Basic Desire: To find themselves and their significance (to create an

5 – The Investigator
Enneagram Type Five

The Intense, Cerebral Type:
Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive, and Isolated

Whitman says there are three intelligent centers with the enneagram. So type five is the head center. The other two centers are the heart and body.

Type fives are analytical and find themselves losing time quickly as they study. They have brilliant insight and tend to answer questions in paragraph form.

  • Basic Fear: Being useless, helpless, or incapable
  • Basic Desire: To be capable and competent

6 – The Loyalist
Enneagram Type Six

The Committed, Security-Oriented Type:
Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, and Suspicious

Sixes are always planning ahead. They’re troubleshooters, the guardian type of the enneagram. They can be quite paranoid but at their best, they are courageous and supportive.

  • Basic Fear: Of being without support and guidance
  • Basic Desire: To have security and support

7 – The Enthusiast
Enneagram Type Seven

The Busy, Variety-Seeking Type:
Spontaneous, Versatile, Acquisitive, and Scattered

Type Sevens are joyful, extroverted, spontaneous dreamers. They are so good at flipping your perspective for the better. They help people get through their issues. They chase freedom but stay away from painful feelings.

  • Basic Fear: Of being deprived and in pain
  • Basic Desire: To be satisfied and content—to have their needs fulfilled

8 – The Challenger
Enneagram Type Eight

The Powerful, Dominating Type:
Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational

Eight’s are known for getting a bad rap on the enneagram. They’re not afraid of confrontation. They are direct and confident. They feel things instinctually and act on them. They have a childhood wound of growing up too early. They’re protective and have a tender heart and push to see if you’re trustworthy.

  • Basic Fear: Of being harmed or controlled by others
  • Basic Desire: To protect themselves (to be in control of their own life
    and destiny)

9 – The Peacemaker
Enneagram Type Nine

The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type:
Receptive, Reassuring Agreeable, and Complacent

They are easy-going, gentle peacemakers. They don’t enjoy conflict but mediate it well. They are loving and selfless. Nines don’t realize they have a lot to offer. They’re aware of their needs but seem self-forgetting.

  • Basic Fear: Of loss and separation
  • Basic Desire: To have inner stability “peace of mind”

So how do you find your type? Whitman says people might think to go take the test online, but she recommends to get an enneagram book and read through each type thoroughly.

She says the one that feels the most uncomfortable to you is likely your type.

One book she recommends is one she has written and just launched on Kickstarter. It’s called, “The Art Of You And Me: The Enneagram Visualized.” You can follow her campaign here.

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