This Summer the people of Dickinson and even some travelers will have something new to pique their curiosity.

Dickinson’s Badlands Dinosaur Museum is preparing some exhibits to put on display, when the temperature warms up.

One will be a replica skull of a junior triceratops, and the other pieces are from an armored dinosaur, found in Montana by Dr. Denver Fowler, curator Badlands Dinosaur Museum, and members of his team.

Fowler said they have even more pieces they’re working on displaying after the Summer, and one of them sounds like it could be a big deal.

“In 2017 we found a foot sticking out of a cliff. . . a related tyrannosaurus. . . we went back last year in 2018, and we excavated around it hoping there would be whole skeleton there, and it looks like there is,” said Fowler.

The curator said some of the pieces that will be on display are more than 70 million years old.